Glenn and Sasha

We are a married couple who love to imagine and write about fantastic worlds and beings, as well as learn and share new things.

We have written several short stories and have published the first two books of the very popular Amanda Ackers series. Book one in the series is titled, “Amanda Ackers and The Deep Forest Elves.” Book two is titled, “Amanda Ackers and The Realm Of the Witches.” These first two books of the series have been downloaded more than 20,000 times in less than a year!

At present, we create our own book covers and create our own audiobooks. Glenn also creates “How-To” videos related to authors creating their own book covers as well as other How-To videos, then posts them to YouTube. You will find several of these videos on this blog.

In addition,  you will find different topics related to our books as well as the writings of others.

We will also post articles on how we design/create book covers for print, eBook, magazine and ezines.

We will show you how to go about writing and publishing a book of your own.

Since we have been asked how we create our audiobooks, you will find that information as well.

Our Authors page at Smashwords.com is where you will find all of our current short stories and full length novels. Please visit us at:

Follow us on Twitter at: @glennandsasha

Should you wish to contact us, please shoot an email to: glennandsasha@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting!

2 Responses to About

  1. Rachel says:

    I would love an email notifying me when the next book is released. Love the series.

    • Hi Rachel.
      Sasha and I would be happy to put you on the list for the next book.
      Thank you so much for your interest, we very much appreciate it.
      Hope you and your family are well and enjoying the summer.

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