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Here you will find a listing of various videos for authors.

Turning Ordinary Text into Extraordinary Text!

Extraordinary Text One

Video One is titled: “Adding Texture and Proportional Shadows to Text.”

In this video, you will learn how Glenn creates his extraordinary text for his covers.

Glenn owned and operated his own website design company for over five years and has created over 1,500 websites. On those sites, he was asked to create text to go with thousands of images. Glenn became very well known in the website design community for his extraordinary text which has been duplicated by most designers today.

This first video takes you through the process of creating the book cover you see above from scratch, introducing the concept of how to add texture to your text and how to create a proportional shadow beneath text, as seen in the image above.


Here is Video Two of the Turning Ordinary Text into Extraordinary Text series.

Pictured below is what is created in this video.

Extraordinary Text Image 2

Video Two is titled: “Advanced – Ordinary Text to Extraordinary Text – Video 2”

In this more advanced video, Glenn shows you how to create the two images above, the one titled “Murder” and the Architecture image.

Here is another image of a book cover Glenn created using the techniques in both Video One and Two.

Advanced Text Book Cover

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